Applying Physics to Physiology

When implantable medical devices routinely fail from clotting, clogging and infection, patients suffer and healthcare costs balloon.

It’s time to change the standard of care.

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The Power of Platform

Where will clog-free, clot-free, infection-resistant devices transform the patient experience?

For Neurosurgery Patients

We are reinventing care for pediatric and adult hydrocephalous where:

  • 98% of the leading hydrocephalus shunts fail within 10 years.
  • 40% of the leading hydrocephalus shunts fail within 1 year.

Current products featuring Cerulean Surface technology:

  • Hydrocephalus shunt
  • Extraventricular drain

Cerulean technology “demonstrated increased survival time, improved clinical outcome scores, and significantly reduced total attached cells on the ventricular catheters compared with standard clinical control ventricular catheters.”

August 4, 2023
Journal of Neurosurgery

Unclogged Cerulean Hydrocephalus Shunt™
Clogged hydrocephalus shunt

For Vascular Patients

We are dramatically improving vascular access for hemodialysis.

In a 90-day sheep study the leading hemodialysis catheter was 100% clogged with a 67% Fibrin Sheath.

A Cerulean Hemodialysis Catheter™ was 0% clogged with only a 3% Fibrin sheath.

Current products featuring Cerulean Surface technology:

  • Hemodialysis catheter
  • Vascular graft
Unclogged Cerulean Hemodialysis Catheter™
Clogged catheter
Clogged hemodialysis catheter

The Power of a Physics-Based Approach

We partner with clinicians and researchers at leading universities

The Power of Partnership

We partner with clinicians and researchers at leading universities

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